Elements Cardio Dance:

Elements Fitness and Dance LLC, Cardio Dance Method is a high energy 60 minute group fitness class that focuses on Cardio Based Interval Training utilizing choreographed progressive exercises, isometric floor work, and core building exercises. The class features intense calorie burn, sweat and body sculpting exercises to create power-packed fitness experience. Elements Cardio Dance merges dance with intense strength and flexibility training choreographed together to achieve maximum calorie burn and total body conditioning.

“Cardiovascular exercise has proved to have many benefits, such as reducing cardiovascular disease by increasing fat utilization and therefore reducing obesity, and the reduction and management of hypertension and cholesterol. Other reported benefits include improved heart function and oxygen consumption, the ability to perform everyday tasks more easily, decreased resting heart rate, body fat stores, anxiety and stress and management of diabetes.”

*Master Classes, Studio Demonstations and Workshops available*